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New Song From G-Top?

An intro song to yet another version of Jai Jao Yu Sai single was shown on Lao Channel 3. Is it a preview of their new single or is it just simply an intro music? I think it is the latter, but I could be wrong. In their interview on Channel 3, G-Top said that their second song is called Leum Bor Lown (Cannot Forget). The song features Jimmy, another artist from Dream B&G. From the name, it sounds like a slow jam. However in the fast upbeat intro, you can hear a male vocal (perhaps, Jimmy). So there is a possibility that the intro is indeed the upcoming single. If it is, then the track sounds promising but I am underwhelmed at the music video. The girls need to work on their body movements (postures) and the video needs major editing because it is making me dizzy. What do you think?

G-Top intro song & interview

Meet the beautiful ladies of G-Top; watch the new version of their MV!

The new girl band, G-Top, has released a new version of their music video for Jai Jao Yu Sai (Where is your heart?). The song which is released a while back has gained a lot of popularity, steadily climbing up several music charts.

The group is made of 6 beautiful girls: Nok Jip, Nuoy, Mina, Paeng, Muoy, and Tookta. Mina and Muoy are sisters. According to Nui on Music Boom, G-Top stands for Girls Top (or translate to girls reaching for the top). The name was handpicked by their producer and founder, Jimmy of First Band. They are part of a B & G project that consists of several new artists including First Band, which has already been introduced to the public. G-Top reveals that another band from the project will debut soon, but did not give the name.

Only 5 members are shown here. Muoy is not present for the interview.

How did the girls meet each other? They say that they met at a music school (origin of B&G project). That seems like a good place to meet if you are interested in a singing career. G-Top says their second single will be released soon. The follow up single has a more rock feel to it. For now, you can watch the new version of their music video for Hua Jai Jao Yu Sai below.

G-Top – Hua Jai Jao Yu Sai?

G-Top on Music Boom

Sorry for the low quality.

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