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It is that time again.

Beer Lao has released a new commercial. When they do, it usually means some kind of big events are coming up. Last year, it was for the 25th Sea Game and Miss Laos 2009 Pageant. There will be no big sporting event this time, but Miss Laos 2010 Pageant and the 450th Recognition of Vientiane as the capital of Lan Xang Kingdom are around the corner.

The goal of the commercial is to promote nationalism and tourism. It runs longer than normal ads and showcases Laos’ historical landmarks, people, and culture. Like previous ones, it was nicely done. The video follows a group of tourists as they travel through the country. Love how it captures the natural beauty of Laos’ landscape such as the mountains, river, and waterfall. There are not really any negatives, except for the fact that alcohol is being promoted as well. I know that Beer Lao is a big contributor to the economy, but I hate the fact that it has such a big impact image-wise.

Beer Lao Commercial 2010

Can’t believe that time has gone by so quickly. Miss Laos 2009, Phailinda Philavane probably feels the same way. Her reign will come to an end soon. Who will take her place? It could be you or someone you know. But first you and your friends need to register and the registration dates are near. A promo is currently running on Laostar Channel posting the dates, reviewing prizes, and encouraging young girls to participate. If you are interested, check out the video embedded below.

Miss Laos 2010 Promo

Why is Laos celebrating 450th anniversary of Vientiane as the capital of Lan Xang? I didn’t understand the importance or purpose at first. Let’s just say my knowledge of Lao History is almost non existent. If you are like me and would like to learn more about Lao History, watch a clip from Neo Society below. Thought that the clip is interesting. It briefly ran through a time line of previous capitals and the reasons why they were shelved. The clip says that the original capital was moved because it was too close to Pama (Burma, now Myanmar). Does that mean Lan Xang used to border the Burmese kingdom? If anyone knows, please share.

Brief History on Lao Capitals

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